We can’t wait to chat with you!😊 My clients unlock the highest level of income, impact, and support available to them.

This session is for you if you want more sales, more clients and more abundance… with ease and flow.

Due to the high number of applications I receive, we don’t offer reschedules. So, if you do not show up for the call you will NOT be able to book another. Please ensure that you are available on the date and time you book. Let’s value each other’s time.

If you want to see which of my offerings is best for you and you’re truly ready to reach $10K – $100K plus months, select your time below to apply for a spot with our

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incredible strategist

We can’t wait to chat with you!😊 My clients unlock the highest level of income, impact, and support available to them.

This session is for you if you want more sales, more clients and more abundance… with ease and flow.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we don’t offer reschedules. So, if you do not show up for the call you will NOT be able to book another. Please ensure that you are available on the date and time you book. Let’s value each other’s time.

If you want to see which of my offerings is best for you and you’re truly ready to reach $10K – $100K plus months, select your time below to apply for a spot with our incredible strategists.

Read the full page before you book darling

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A little about our time together on this chat

We have a gorgeous process where we look deep into your business at:

your energy and your healing process

your programs

your packaging

your pricing

filling your programs

and we give you one simple step to take to immediately get into action

Some client love


Leadership Mentor

I was looking for a simple yet effective way to generate warm leads (online) and get clients.

I learned a lot from working with Myra. Although I had already developed and launched my signature program, it was a chance for me to think about and ‘revisit’ my ideal target group, their pain points, and their outcomes of working with me.

The most important and valuable part I got more clarity and knowledge about is the Marketing and Sales side of things.

Myra will take you by the hand and offer a step-by-step game plan to generate leads daily.

For me and my target group, LinkedIn turned out to be the most adequate platform. I increased my visibility, the organic reach of my posts, and the number of connections dramatically. As a result, I got invited to conferences, to be featured in magazines, I met interesting people across the globe, and I was even invited by our national TV & Radio station to be included in their female expert’s database and meet program directors and journalists. All of this contributes to my personal branding and awareness and therefore ultimately to more ideal customers.

Another invaluable (intangible) result is the fact that by going through this process, I continued my own personal transformation and growth, and I increased my self-awareness and self-confidence. I have become a better version of myself with the help of Myra.

I also realize that there’s plenty more to learn, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a few months either…

If you want to start a new business (either online or offline), don’t waste one more second and work with Myra because she’s an excellent business coach with a wealth of skills, expertise and experience.

Moreover, Myra is an extremely kind, patient and heart-centred coach. She is a very compassionate person and she genuinely cares about her clients and their success!

I will never forget Myra and how she supported me. She’s forever in my heart.


CEO – Top Lids

I had extremely negative, volatile. And destructive beliefs that needed changing fast. They were destroying everything good in my life that I had worked so hard to get. I had worked with you before and knew that TLT worked quickly and completely. And I also knew that you had many other skills that we could work with to improve things afterwards.

Tangible assets have been that I went from running a company of 2 and being terrified of hiring people to running a company of 7 at about 10x the revenue we were generating before on a consistent basis. Intangible results have been that I feel much more at one and at peace with who I am, especially in my relationship and my long-term direction in life. Still a work in progress, but the biggest difference is that I now feel unhindered. Like I’m finally free to improve how I want to, and that I’m not constantly bogged down with those negative feelings and fears inside my subconscious that would keep me trapped where I was. I’m finally free to live the life that I want!!

The benefits of working with Myra have translated into every area of my life. I wasn’t an easy case that’s for sure and we’ve worked multiple times over the course of a year (6 or 7 I believe). I originally went into this looking for better results with my work and money part of my life, but it’s had extremely high benefits in romantic relationships, health, family, and overall happiness as well.

Honestly, Myra is the best to work with when you’re ready. I would not recommend the therapy she uses to someone who isn’t ultimately open and ready to receive it, because you won’t be able to heal and get the benefit from it. But if you are ready to heal and change dramatically quickly, just follow her lead. She is somehow “led” to know exactly what to say, how to say it, what to do next, etc. Definitely different than any other healer or therapist I’ve ever worked with and would highly recommend her.


Self Confidence Coach

I originally started working with you, Myra, because I knew by just talking to you via Zoom that you are a woman of integrity and sincerely caring in addition to the skills you have to share.

Tangible results are a learned ability to focus and move forward without being perfect.  I’ve learned to organize and envision what business and life I want.  I’ve learned to be less introverted.  The phrase I still have posted in my bathroom mirror is “Go Outward.”  In other words, keep the focus on what I can provide to others in my business (and life) by releasing my self-consciousness and focus.  Learning to keep my feet to the fire.

The best-unexpected benefit was developing and nurturing our friendship.  Which also includes Sumi and her family.  Such exciting and happy events.  I know in my heart that I can connect with you for some over-the-miles lovin’ and encouragement.  YOU are the unexpected benefit!

Trust Myra and trust her process.  She can and will share all of her knowledge with you generously.  She will teach you how to love yourself, others and your business.  She has wonderful wisdom to give and is always incredibly supportive.  You won’t regret your “yes” decision.

“We made $10 000 on the first day! More than $150 000 in 3 months and our salon is 75% booked with follow-up client’s month after month.

No matter how crazy it sounds work with her, trust her, you won’t ever regret it!”

Tanya – Beauty Salon Owner – Florida

“I didn’t want Myra to use our salon name or photos for obvious reasons and I appreciate that she honours our request.”

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She can read your mind she knows what your problem is well before you do. I’ve had many of the best coaches out there, after all those coaches I say Myra is brilliant. Sandy

She is a wonderful soul to work with, there is no one I have run into that I trust more than Myra. She has been a total game changer for me and if you decide to work with her she will be a game changer for you! Alex Romano

I made more sales in my business than I ever have before! Myra helped me turn my life back on and got me excited about my business. Carmen

She will keep your feet to the fire and keep you moving forward. She changed my life and my business. Frances

I got interviewed on numerous podcasts, a radio and TV show and got my first two clients. Susan

Myra helped me to create my high-ticket offer, she also helped me break through the programming holding me back. She has the processes and gives you the freedom to be yourself. Hazel

I come from a long line of Self Sabotage. I dug a hole I couldn’t get myself out of. Within 2 months of working with Myra, I acquired another company. Myra, it’s been worth more than you can imagine. Thank you! Tyler

I got 3 high-ticket clients days after working with Myra. She is my mentor for life! Antoinette

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With Me


With Me



have real-world, 20+ years hands-on experience in applying the strategies they teach

have successfully built multi-million dollar businesses offline and a million dollar business online

helps you put systems in place that gives you the freedom to stay who you are and create extraordinary success in your business

works with you live, where you get to ask questions and get answers in real-time

works with your energy and healing to ensure personal and business success

has the ability to help her clients create magic, money and profound healing

has unwavering belief in you, your brilliance and provides you with the support, love and guidance you need to break through and put aligned success into motion

is a powerful teacher with the ability to pass on her work and experience to her clients, so they can learn and apply on a deep level

Myra Kotze

Energy Business Coach

Myra Kotze

Energy Business Coach

Hi Myra here!

You’ve heard from some of my clients and below you will hear and read more from them. Here is something about me by me.

I’m a wife, mom, grandmom to a gorgeous little baby boy, and business owner. A Certified Master Coach passionate about living a meaningful life and serving other women to create extraordinary success in their businesses and life.

We live in Thailand on a magical island called Koh Samui, I love chocolate, flowers, candles, crystals and everything energy.

As an entrepreneur, I have built five 7-figure companies from scratch, in record time. Together with my husband Andre, we built a group of companies to $15.63 million in 6 short years

I’m an Executive Contributor for Brainz magazine and one of only 500 women selected as a female leader in our space in 2020.

Some of the top brands I have worked with during my career include:

Avroy Shlain, L’Oréal, Nestle, Redken, Code Zero, OPI,  Four Seasons Hotels, Coca-Cola, Porsche, Toyota, Kia, Makro, JSE, Hollard, NLP Top Coach and many others.

I’ve worked with women globally in more than 15 countries and have more than 20 years hands-on business experience and have made more than $20.7 million in sales during my career.

I’m the founder and CEO of Soulful Lucrative Coaching and the creator of the Live Business Coaching Programs, Simply Clients and Elevate. I also created a few VIP Intensives that moves my clients into action and convert for them fast.  

I now focus on working with my clients to create magic, flow, money, and profound healing.

You and your success are very important to me. My team and I pride ourselves on personal interaction and success for all our clients.

Apply now and let’s create extraordinary success in your life and business.

Financial and personal growth our clients are getting!

More amazing results

Michelle Reinhardt
Spiritual Healing Mentor

I Booked 8 to 10 Clients a week

“She completely changed my life and my business! Myra sees beyond the surface and nurtures the essence of you until you believe in yourself enough to co-create with her.

Then the magic begins.

I was extremely unhappy and stretched when I began working with Myra.

I was stretched financially, emotionally and spiritually. Myra paved a structured, loving and clear path showing me a way to fit the pieces of my puzzle together.  I now have an EXCEPTIONAL existence financially emotionally and spiritually.

Since working with Myra I have managed to book 8 to 10 clients a week and had my first 8-10k months.

I cannot thank you enough for hearing and extending the message of God to reach out and support me the way you have.

Myra, oh my……you need to know how much that means to me. Thank You. ”

We turn over an average of $20 000 a month

“I have had the pleasure of working with Myra a few times over the last couple of years. She is the best!

I highly recommend her 1:1 coaching, her Be True Be You VIP Day, and her Tripple Diamond VIP Biz Retreat. It doesn’t matter how you work with her, just do it!

I recently came up against a wall, I had so many fears and doubts about going into a new partnership in a very competitive market and knew I had to speak to Myra.

I booked a VIP Day with Myra and never looked back. We turn over an average of $20 000 a month. She is tough as hell, but gentle and caring at the same time. She helps you break through all this Bull Shit that keeps us from following our destiny.

You can’t be in better hands if you really want to taste true success you need to work with her.”

Patience Moyo
Beauty Salon Owner

“Yay, I just enrolled my first FULL PRICE platinum client! $6000! Happy Dance

I cannot be happier, you are an amazing coach Myra! Thank you” 🙂

Rita – Health Coach

“When I started working with Myra I felt overwhelmed and didn’t believe I could ever make any money in my business.

I just had my first 15K month, I can’t be happier and more thankful than what I am now!”

Sam – Self-Love Coach

“Myra has lived this entrepreneur lifestyle, she gets it.

Unlike many coaches who don’t understand you and your vision 100%, Myra knows you in an instant.

Sara Louise

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!! Myra

Thank you for giving me the courage to increase my one-on-one to $20k. I was scared as hell but you held my hand and here I am I did it and got my first pay-in-full client at $20k.

You rock, I cannot say thank you enough times – Sorry for my cursing but this is big!”

Em – Executive Coach

“Myra took me through a process of self-discovery in the area of my business and we rebuilt the foundations of my business in a way that sparked a passion within me, one that I hadn’t felt in a very long time and the results I started getting were outstanding!

I went from making almost no sales for 2 years to closing around $100K a year.

Sumi – Relationship Coach

Laurent Cailliette
Author and Trainer

I certified  100 students in less than a year

“Myra is a gentle and smart coach! She managed to guide me towards my own solutions to problems I had been stuck with for years.
Since working with Myra I have developed the confidence to go from a part-time English Teacher to an NLP Trainer.
Created my own certification program and certified  100 students in less than a year.”
Stacey Kelly
Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

from zero to more than £15 000 and my highest price point is £350.

“There are no words that give enough credit to the incredible impact Myra has had on me personally and professionally. My business would not be what it is today without her support and guidance. From day one she has instinctively known how to get the best out of me. She challenges me but knows exactly when to push and when to step back and let my own thoughts unfold. Over the time we have worked together my confidence has skyrocketed and I am now doing things that I would have never imagined I would do like speaking at one of the biggest events in my industry!

Myra is the perfect coach. She is loving and kind but takes no-nonsense and will tell you if you are making excuses or being held back by limiting beliefs. This is not always easy. However, to move forward you must face your inner blocks and these are quite often learned behaviours that we don’t even realise we have. Myra has supported and guided me through mine, allowing me to let them go and then step into being the Biz Diva I always knew I could be!

Since I faced my blocks I have taken my business from zero to more than £15 000 and my highest price point is £350.

I made  £2500 within 24 hours with a £3 product. You simply need to do this for yourself!”

Apply now and let’s create extraordinary success in your life and business.