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Join the Team!

Join the Team!

We Are Looking To Add 2 Superstars To Our Growing Team!

Are you a heart-centred sales superstar, with a proven track record of sales success?

Do you view the enrollment conversation as a powerful way of helping someone achieve their goals and dreams?

If you’re a YES! then read on...

Our mission is to empower women’s financial independence through coaching. We help them scales their business create freedom, impact, and make fabulous money doing so.

We are unstoppable in our commitment to make sure that every woman in our community feels supported, encouraged, and cared about when they interact with us. We honour this commitment by treating people with respect before, during and after enrolling in our coaching programs. And we honour it by always prioritizing helping someone above just making a sale. Respect, caring, positive relationships and good-will are our sales enrollment values.

Our relationship with potential, past and future clients is sacred to us and we are looking for a like-minded person who is willing to make this same commitment.

The primary role of the Enrollment Coach/Social Sales Rep is to create conversations with new leads, and nurture those leads into joining our Facebook community, engage leads in our varied online launches, make connection calls and hold enrolling conversations, resulting in enrolling clients into the company's coaching programs.

This is a full-time role, working from home, and because of the considerable investment we make in hiring, training and coaching the Enrollment Coach/Social Sales Rep, this is not a good fit for someone looking for a side-gig or to ‘just try it out’.

This is a base + commission position. Commission is uncapped and by meeting your targets you can fully expect to earn a minimum of six figures in the year.

Is this you?

You have marketing and sales experience and are excited to bring your creativity to work, bring innovative ideas to the table and be responsible for outbound online activity focusing on lead generation and new client enrollment.

You are willing to be 200% committed to studying our programs and truly become an expert in the coaching models and systems we use and teach, and the sales methodologies we utilize.

Your desire is to be with a company long-term. We are looking for someone who will fully commit to our team and the company and doesn’t view this as a stepping-stone. We are looking for someone who is warm, caring, easy to relate to, and has prior sales experience.

Work hours are generally Mon - Fri however, during launches you must be fully available.

We’re looking for someone who does everything in their power to get the job done, never leaves potential clients hanging and is fiercely committed to upholding the integrity of the brand.


Connecting with and nurturing prospective new clients on social media and moving them into our Facebook group

Sales calls

Client acquisition


You have prior sales experience.

Your communication skills are outstanding (written and verbal) - your style is positive, helpful, collaborative, and compassionate.

You can be counted on to work well and even thrive under pressure or when given a challenge.

You love helping people get into the right program that will support them in achieving their goals and dreams.

You are:


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Lucy AlvaresYoga Mom


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