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Michelle Reinhardt
Spiritual Healing Mentor

I Booked 8 to 10 Clients a week

“I was extremely unhappy and stretched when I began working with Myra.

I was stretched financially, emotionally and spiritually. Myra paved a structured, loving and clear path showing me a way to fit the pieces of my puzzle together.  I now have an EXCEPTIONAL existence financially emotionally and spiritually.

Myra sees beyond the surface and nurtures the essence of you until you believe in yourself enough to co-create with her. Then the magic begins.

Since working with Myra I have managed to book 8 to 10 clients a week. I have created a group program that not only speaks to my soul but to my client’s souls. I have booked this program out twice since creating it. I have also secured a Mindfulness and Healing Meditation Event that I will run twice a week.

I cannot thank you enough for hearing and extending the message of God to reach out and support me the way you have.
Myra, oh my……you need to know how much that means to me.  Thank You. ”

We turn over an average of $20 000 a month

“I have had the pleasure of working with Myra a few times over the last couple of years. She is the best!

I highly recommend her 1:1 coaching, her Be True Be You VIP Day, and her Tripple Diamond VIP Biz Retreat. It doesn’t matter how you work with her, just do it!

I recently came up against a wall, I had so many fears and doubts about going into a new partnership in a very competitive market and knew I had to speak to Myra.

I booked a VIP Day with Myra and never looked back. We turn over an average of $20 000 a month. She is tough as hell, but gentle and caring at the same time. She helps you break through all this Bull Shit that keeps us from following our destiny.

You can’t be in better hands if you really want to taste true success you need to work with her.”

Patience Moyo
Beauty Salon Owner
Laurent Cailliette
Author and Trainer

I certified  100 students in less than a year

“Myra is a gentle and smart coach! She managed to guide me towards my own solutions to problems I had been stuck with for years.
Since working with Myra I have developed the confidence to go from a part-time English Teacher to an NLP Trainer.
Created my own certification program and certified  100 students in less than a year.”

from zero to more than £15 000 and my highest price point is £350.

“There are no words that give enough credit to the incredible impact Myra has had on me personally and professionally. My business would not be what it is today without her support and guidance. From day one she has instinctively known how to get the best out of me. She challenges me but knows exactly when to push and when to step back and let my own thoughts unfold. Over the time we have worked together my confidence has skyrocketed and I am now doing things that I would have never imagined I would do like speaking at one of the biggest events in my industry!

Myra is the perfect coach. She is loving and kind but takes no-nonsense and will tell you if you are making excuses or being held back by limiting beliefs. This is not always easy. However, to move forward you must face your inner blocks and these are quite often learned behaviours that we don’t even realise we have. Myra has supported and guided me through mine, allowing me to let them go and then step into being the Biz Diva I always knew I could be!

Since I faced my blocks I have taken my business from zero to more than £15 000 and my highest price point is £350.

I made  £2500 within 24 hours with a £3 product. You simply need to do this for yourself!”

Stacey Kelly
Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker